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speech from me (original)

Excelency : Mr.X
Honorable : All teacher
And unforgetable : All my friends whom I love
First of all, lets pray and thank unto Allah SWT who has been giving us some mercies and blessings, so we can attend and gather in this good condition and happy situation..
Secondly, may peace and solutions  always been giving to our prophet Muhammad SAW, having guided us from the darkness to the brightness, from the stupidity to the cleverness, from the jahiliyah era to the islamiyah era, namely islamic religion that we love, so by his guidance we’re able to differentate the good thing and the bad one, the right way and the wrong one, in order to enter gods paradise..
Thirdly, I don’t forget to say “thank so much” to the master of ceremony who has been giving me time to speech in front of you all..
Standing in front of you all, I want to deliver my speech under the title “achievement from graduation”
My friends ..
Some time ago we already see the results we have achieved, namely graduation we have achieved 100%, Alhamdulillah
Now that thought in my mind is, what can you get from learning for 3 years? Is it just a word "GRADUATES"? are you satisfied with it? No man, we're a long journey, we must take the result is not just the word "GRADUATES" but all the good he had been taught by our teachers, and our ustadz
As the prophet Muhammad SAW said "come with the bad, and go home with good" we are a boarding school, we are different from the other public schools because we have to be better than them, rather than when we left school we even get worse, but all the good that we get should be improved, such as prayer, dzikirnya, donations, etc..
My friends, realized that all we get is not would happen if God did not allow, as it should and must for us to be grateful for passing that we get by increasing the goodness that we get during the school ..
That’s all my speech, I hope my speech will be useful for us, expecially for me..
I apologize if I have some mistakes, thank you for your attention..


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